Archaeologists in Training


Interview with an Archaeologist 

In this free relaxed online session all your questions are answered… no matter how obscure! 

6 Bag Challenge 

An introduction to archaeology. See if you can work out whose rubbish is whose.

Landscape Explorers 

Aerial photography and mapping is a key tool when examining the past. Here you will learn how to spot different features in the landscape from a bird’s eye view.

Post-Excavation Experts

Learn how to process genuine material and find out what happens to it once it is removed from site.

Bag of Bones 

Bones can tell us a lot about the past, from landscape and climate to diet and hunting techniques. Learn how to identify some of the animals that you might come across today.

Mapping the Classroom 

In this session we look at the various ways we can map and record our surroundings. 

What will be covered

These sessions provide first hand experience of using some of the techniques practiced by archaeologists before, during and after an excavation. All of these sessions involve learning new transferable skills.

They are designed to encourage discussion, detailed observations and promote an understanding of the local area.
However, these sessions can be tailored to fit your location.